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Transparent Caregiving Strategies

Transparent Caregiving Strategies has a team of experienced individuals who are ready to serve you with outstanding and effective strategies. We provide the following services to HR departments, companies, agencies, and individuals.

Transparent Caregiving Strategies Services Can Include: 

Education and Consultation – for family caregivers dealing with elder care

Preparing for the Future – for those planning for retirement and beyond

Employers with Family Caregivers – for creating helpful resources to assist employees with work-life balance

Education and Consultation

Dealing with ever-changing responsibilities and other unexpected challenges while caregiving is something every caregiver experiences. Some caregivers might feel fearful of the unknown or stressed out while caring for an aging adult.  Whether it is a short or long-term illness or a permanent disability that your loved one has, there is not always a simple answer.  Decision-making can be tough whether you are new or experienced caregiver.

Know that you are not alone and isolated, and do not continue to feel overwhelmed by your caregiving responsibilities. These are feelings or emotions that every family caregiver experiences.

Let’s discuss your worries and concerns. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your caregiving issues with us.

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Preparing For The Future

Forward-thinking people plan and prepare for the future in normal and uncertain times like these.  So, let me help you with topics related to aging.

For Example:  Twenty or thirty years from now an expected or unexpected illness arises.  How would you like for someone to manage this crisis when you cannot?  It is time to start your journey by planning for the future. The lack of improper or legal documentation when one is incapacitated or after they pass away can create a lot of confusion. This is not something you should ignore because not having your documents in order can lead to a number of negative consequences and stress for your loved ones.

While preparing for your retirement, you should consider what your health insurance and other financial needs will be. At the moment, you may ask yourself the questions below:

  • Do you understand your health insurance options upon retirement?
    • Will Medicare cover all medical expenditures?
    • Do you need supplemental insurance?
  • Are you prepared to finance your own caregiving needs, or:
    • Will you need to rely upon your children/other family members?
    • Will you be eligible for government or other types of caregiving benefits?
    • Should you save money or buy a long-term care insurance policy?
  • If you were to suddenly become incapacitated:
    • Do you have specific wishes for your health options?
    • Do you have someone delegated to execute those wishes?

These are the questions that need to be considered when planning long-term, life goals. Even when planning, sometimes one needs a trustworthy source to offer information and the right resources when we need them.

How about we examine your interests for the future, and identify how we can assist you with navigating your long-term options?

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Employers With Family Caregiver Employees

Most employers provide benefits and resources for employees who suddenly become ill and need time off from work. But, how many employers have taken into account employees who are family caregivers?  Employers who are mindful and supportive of an employee’s stressor such as caregiving, can add value to the well-being of that individual and organization as a whole.  An employer who values the work-life balance of a family caregiver, can improve employee retention and experience other positive effects for the organization as a whole.

An organization interested in this valuable information may face hard questions when thinking about assisting their employees, such as:

  • Do they feel safe in revealing that they are a family caregiver?
  • As an employer, what do you have in place for employees who are family caregivers?
  • Do you provide programs or resources specifically for family caregivers?  If so, are your employees aware or reminded of them?
  • Do they have a work-life balance?
  • Are they feeling overwhelmed and are afraid to talk about it?
  • Are they using a lot of sick time and not explaining why?  Maybe there is a good reason. THEY ARE PROBABLY A FAMILY CAREGIVER.

Let’s take an hour to discuss what you might have in mind or would like to provide for your employees.  We would love to work with you to provide a balanced workplace for your employees.

You can contact us at 844-6-CARING (227464) or send an email to

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